Champions are mindful of candidates and bills, always analyzing if the decisions that are being made will make a positive impact on the lives of Arkansans with disabilities.

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Champions shift their mindset, including all individuals with developmental disabilities into their daily lives, finding opportunities to make genuine connections.




Champions are talking, bridging the gap of silence with conversation.




Champions know there is a difference between being aware and being accepting. Champions make conscious decisions to be accepting of individuals with developmental disabilities and value the diversity in everyone.




Champions use people-first language, setting a standard for others to see the person before anything else.


Join The Advocacy Advisory Panel

Community of Champions needs your help to assist in furthering our program. We seek to understand specific points of view, opinions, experiences, and ideas. If you are an educator, peer-advocate, or self-advocate, please consider being a V.I.T.A.L. part of Community of Champions.  If you are passionate about making a true difference in the lives of those with IDD, consider this your invitation to sit on one of our advisory panels. We meet once a month, with an option to participate via skype or conference call. Help Us Make A Difference.




Advocacy Takes Action Mock Vote

Organizations around the state have joined together to encourage and train individuals with disabilities and their families on the voting process. Join us at the Advocacy Takes Action Mock Vote, to ensure you gain the education, knowledge, and skill to take an active role in our nation’s voting system and become a V.I.T.A.L. Champion.

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    Ready to Use Classroom Curriculum

    Join Our Advocates: Community of Champions Peer Advocacy Curriculum is available for you to use in your classroom.


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