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National Voter Education Week October 5th - October 9th

After Registration Comes Education. Take this week to become educated and prepared. Become familiar with issues you will be voting for, familiarize yourself with your ballot, find out where your polling site is, and make a personalized voting plan. The Governor's Council on Developmental Disabil

Self-Advocate Network Development

Hey Champions, Have you heard about SAND? Self-Advocate Network Development SAND is overseen by Darren Morris, a statewide self-advocate coordinator for the Arkansas DD Network (a collaboration of the Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities Arkansas, Disability Rights Arkansas, and

Voter Registration Check-Up

Today is a great day to check your voter registration! Please, ensure your voter registration is up to date and find out where your polling site is! If you have any questions, please know you can always contact our office at 479-518-4566. H

The Spoon Theory

Hey Champions, Have you ever heard of The Spoon Theory? It is a creative analogy that explains to others what it is like starting every day with a limited supply of energy (SPOONS); This could be due to a chronic healthcare condition or a disability. In this theory, you will see that every daily ta


Sometimes getting started can be the most intimidating part. So, how do you get to know someone with disabilities? Lauren Ruotolo is a writer with McCune-Albright syndrome and she developed a 5-Minute Rule based on her thought that, "People think they know who I am, and as a matter of fact, who all

Why I Champion Audio Message

Submit a 30 second audio message, informing others on why you Champion, why you started your advocacy journey, or why you won't give up. (If the Why I Champion Audio Message is not your preferred way of communicating this information, Please post on the community board.)

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