After Registration Comes Education.
Take this week to become educated and prepared. Become familiar with issues you will be voting for, familiarize yourself with your ballot, find out where your polling site is, and make a personalized voting plan.
The Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities has shared a thorough plan of action for the entire week.
Check it out here.

5 Days | 5 Actions
Monday, 10/05/2020 – Be vote ready (register to vote or check your voter registration). #VoteReady
Tuesday, 10/06/2020 – Be mail ready (request your mail-in ballot). #MailReady
Wednesday, 10/07/2020 – Be vote plan ready (make a plan to vote). #VotePlanReady
Thursday, 10/08/2020 – Be ballot ready (learn what’s on your ballot). #BallotReady
Friday, 10/09/2020 – Are WE ready? Level up your voting engagement! #WeReady2020

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